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Voting and Elections

The Elections Office is an incredibly vital component of our community as they provide a way for citizens to voice their opinions through voting. Every election provides a chance for people to wield the power of their vote, creating the possibility for well-informed decisions and the expression of their unique perspectives on issues which are central to modern society. Additionally, elections offer a critical platform for citizens to hold their elected representatives accountable for their actions during political office. By encouraging participation in this crucial process, we can work together to shape our collective future, and create a society in which everyone feels heard and represented. So, don’t underestimate the importance of your participation in the electoral process – after all, the well-being of our communities depends on it!

Registering to Vote

Registering to vote is an opportunity for you to have a voice in the decisions that shape our community. Don’t let anything hold you back from exercising this right. Once you’ve reached the age of 18 or have a final discharge from imprisonment, parole or conditional release, you are eligible to register to vote and make your voice count.

Remember, your vote matters and your input can shape the future of our country. Let’s take the necessary steps to ensure that your voice is heard in the upcoming election. 

Applications are available in the County Clerk’s office.

To ensure a swift and successful application process, gather your current valid photo ID and a copy of any of the following documents: a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or any other government document highlighting your name and address.

Once your application has been submitted, you will be notified when the application was processed. 

Your voter registration remains valid unless your name or your address changes.

Registering online is easy! Just visit this link VoteKansas and following the step-by-step instructions.

Advanced Voting

Kansas only conducts an election entirely by mail, without the use of polling places, in question-submitted elections only. K.S.A. 25-432(d) prohibits all mail elections when a candidate appears on the ballot.

Advance voting by mail has been allowed to all Kansas voters since 1996. You do not need an excuse to advance vote by mail ballot. However, you do need to apply to have an advanced by mail ballot mailed to you for each election as they are NOT mandatory and are sent to voters by county election offices at the request of the voter.

Kansas has several key security provisions in place for verifying the legitimacy of advance by mail ballots and those who cast them. They include:

  • K.S.A.25-1122(e)(1) requires county election offices compare the signature on the advance by mail ballot application with the signature on voter registration records to verify the voter, and not a third party, requested the advance by mail ballot. If the signatures do not match, the signature may be challenged, and the county election office will contact the voter to verify the signature.
  • Voters must provide the number of their photo identification (e,g., driver’s license) on the advance by mail ballot application. In the event identification information cannot be verified, K.S.A. 25-1122(c) states the applicant must provide a copy of an acceptable form of photographic identification.
  • When a voter has completed their advance by mail ballot, they must sign the outside of the ballot envelope. That signature is then reviewed with voter registration records. If the signatures do not match, the signature may be challenged, and the county election office will contact the voter to verify the signature.

Voters can call their local election office to check on the status of their advance by mail ballot application and/or ballot. In addition, for the first time, voters can track the status of their advance by mail ballot application and advance by mail ballot online at myvoteinfo.voteks.org.

Voters who requested an advance by mail ballot but choose to cast their ballot in person will be given a provisional ballot to ensure they only vote once.

State law requires Kansas voters to show photographic identification when casting a vote in person, this includes voting advance in-person. If the voter does not provide identification or it is not valid, the voter will be issued a provisional ballot.

Presidential Preference

A presidential preference primary takes an act by the Kansas legislature to be conducted. The enactment takes the responsibility from the two state parties (Republican and Democrat) in Kansas from conducting a caucus, and instead, having the state of Kansas conduct a primary election. It is a “preference” primary because it is an election where the vote totals are given to a political party to allocate delegates to candidates at the national convention. This is not a primary where the voters selected the party candidate.

In Kansas, it is a function of the state political parties to allocate delegates to presidential candidates at each party’s national convention to select each party’s presidential nominee. Such delegates are chosen via caucus or convention by the political parties. This year, the state legislature decided to resurrect the state-run presidential preference primary, which had only been used in Kansas in 1980 and 1992.

The Republican and Democratic parties can have a state-run primary election on March 19, 2024. However, either party may opt out of participating in the primary by notifying the Secretary of State on or before December 1, 2023.

Presidential candidates must file their candidacy with the Secretary of State 60 days before the election (12:00 p.m. January 19, 2024). Candidates must either pay a $10,000 filing fee or present a petition with 5,000 signatures of registered Kansas voters of the applicable political party.

Each political party must notify the Secretary of State in writing on or before January 15, 2024, as to who may vote in the party’s primary election. This information will be updated following January 15, 2024.

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