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Independence, KS 67301


Independence, KS 67301

Community Corrections - Adult Services

Community Corrections is a highly specialized organization that serves as a premier example of successful partnership between the state government and the Montgomery County government. This collaborative effort is focused on achieving a common goal that is positively impacting the residents in the county while also enhancing public safety within the community. At its core, this agency aims to create a safer environment for all individuals and families within the county. With their specialized knowledge and expertise in the field, Community Corrections is perfectly equipped to take on the challenges of reducing criminal behavior among offenders and promoting successful reintegration back into society. 

Independence- 300 E. Main Street, Basement Level, Independence, KS 67301

Coffeyville- 102 W. 7th Street, 3rd Floor, Coffeyville, KS 67337

Sedan- 215 N. Chautauqua Street, Sedan, KS 67361

Independence- 620-331-4474

Coffeyville/Sedan- 620-251-7531

After hours contact numbers are the same as the contact numbers for each office. The agency policy is for anyone calling after hours without an emergency to leave a voicemail with their assigned officer and the call will be returned the next working day. For callers with an emergency, they are directed to contact local law enforcement.

Everyone that has been granted a diversion agreement must initially report to the Program Director by phone at 620-331-4474. Subsequent report instructions will be provided to the Divertee at that time.

Probationer’s assigned to Community Corrections can request to have supervision transferred to another Community Corrections Program within the State of Kansas based on residence. Probationer’s who reside outside of the State of Kansas can request to have supervision transferred to their State of Residence following Federal Interstate Compact Rules.

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300 E Main St
Independence, KS 67301

Phone: (620) 331-I 4474
Fax: (620) 331-8263

Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Located on the basement level of the Judicial building.