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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Do I have to live in Kansas for a certain amount of time to be eligible to vote?

No, Kansas does not have a length of residence requirement. However, you have to be registered 21 days prior to an election and be a resident of Kansas at the time of registration.

Can I pre-register if I will be 18 years old before the next election?

If you are 17 years old and will be 18 before the next election, you may apply to register to vote. Individuals are not allowed to vote in any election if they are not registered to vote and 18 years of age.

What are the disqualifications for voting in Kansas?

Individuals may be found disqualified to vote by reason of death, federal or state felony conviction or by declaration of a Kansas Court of Law.

I have a felony conviction, can I vote?

A federal or state felony conviction results in the loss of voting rights until the terms of the felony sentence is complete. If on probation or parole, a sentence is not considered complete until your probation or parole is finished.

Individuals who lose their voting rights due to a felony conviction may re-register to vote upon completion of their sentence. The voter registration form includes an affidavit above the signature line attesting an individual’s right to vote has been restored. Signing a false affidavit is a felony and could result in the loss of voting rights, if convicted.

What if my certificate of registration has incorrect information?

After registering to vote, you should receive a certificate of registration from your local county election officer. If any information on the certificate is incorrect, please contact your local election office immediately.

I moved to a new address in the county I'm current registered in, can I vote?

Individuals who move to a new address within the same county should update their information as soon as possible. If you move after the registration deadline, you may vote at the precinct assigned to your old address, but you will be required to complete a new voter registration application.

I moved from one county to another county in Kansas, how do I vote?

If you move to a new county in Kansas before the registration deadline, you must complete a new voter registration application. If you move after the registration deadline, you can still vote at the precinct assigned to your old address, but you will be required to complete a new voter registration application.

I moved to Kansas from another state, when can I vote?

You should register to vote in Kansas as soon as possible after moving. If 45 days before an election and the deadline to register has passed, you may vote a president-only ballot. To vote a president-only ballot, you must go to your local election office by noon on the day before the election and complete voter registration forms.

Voting Questions

Can I see a sample ballot prior to voting?

Yes! You can view sample ballots online starting 45 days prior to election or you may request a sample ballot at your local election office or at your polling place. To view sample ballots online, visit: myvoteinfo.voteks.org

What if I'm still in line when polls close?

Stay in line! All voters who are in line when polling locations close are allowed to vote.

What should I expect when voting in Kansas?

To vote at a polling place, either on or before Election Day, you can expect to do the following:

  • State your legal name
  • Provide photographic identification
  • State your address
  • Sign the poll book
  • Receive your ballot and proceed to a voting booth OR proceed to an electronic voting machine
  • Review the ballot, paying close attention to instructions, then make your selection(s)
  • Review your ballot to make sure it is complete and accurate
  • Cast your ballot
  • Exit the polling place (don’t forget your sticker)
What if I make a mistake, can I request another ballot?

Yes, voters may obtain up to two replacement ballots if there is mismarked or spoiled ballots.

I live overseas and applied to cast a federal services voter ballot. How long is my application good for?

Ballot applications from qualified federal service voters are good for the calendar year in which it was submitted.

How do I get my ballot if I live overseas and cast a ballot under the federal voting assistance program (UOVACA)?

Voters who participate in the federal voting assistance program choose their preferred method of ballot delivery – mail, fax or email – when they complete their application. We recommend individuals who choose to cast a ballot via email return it to their local election office through an encrypted email. 

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