217 E Myrtle St

Independence, KS 67301


Independence, KS 67301


The position of County Treasurer is one of great importance and responsibility within the governmental structure of Montgomery County. The Treasurer is an elected official charged with the task of managing a wide range of financial duties, including the sending of tax bills to residents and businesses in the area, collecting the funds that are due, and disbursing the money among the numerous taxing authorities that are present in the state. This involves overseeing property taxes, sales tax, and various fees that are collected by the government.

In addition to these vital duties, the County Treasurer is also responsible for keeping detailed and accurate records of all financial transactions that occur within their purview. This requires a high level of skill, expertise and attention to detail, as well as an unwavering commitment to the task of managing public funds in a responsible and ethical manner.

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Nancy Clubine

County Treasurer


PO Box 767
Independence, KS 67301

Phone: (620) 330-1100
Fax: (620) 330-1155

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Located on the first floor of the County Courthouse.