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Independence, KS 67301


Independence, KS 67301

Community Corrections - Juvenile Services

The Juvenile Services department is an incredible resource available to provide assistance to youths and families that are facing various challenges brought about by different behavioral problems or involvement in the juvenile justice system. Thanks to the evidence-based programs that have been put in place by the department, juveniles have an opportunity to receive the help they need to overcome their issues effectively. These programs have been carefully designed to provide a range of solutions that cater to the unique needs of every individual. Whether you are dealing with substance abuse, emotional disturbances, or any other form of behavioral challenge that requires professional help, rest assured that the Juvenile Services department has programs available.

Placement in these programs is determined by risk and need assessment results for youth aged ten and older.

This agency and the Courts believe education is vital to an offender’s success. Therefore, our officers make contact with school administration as well as teachers and counselors to ensure attendance, grades, and behaviors are in accordance with the offender’s probation. 

Transportation to programs and services are available to qualified participants.

All juvenile information is maintained in a strict and confidential manner. The agency and supervising officers limit case records access to only those persons and agencies that demonstrated they have legal authority to access such information. However we are mandated reporters so any reports of child abuse or neglect are required by law to be reported to the appropriate authorities. This would include all instances of physical or sexual abuse.

We do not sell drug test kits, tests are available at local retail stores, pharmacies and on-line. We also do not drug test youth who are not in one of our court ordered supervision or diversion programs.

We are not a mental health provider and do not provide substance abuse treatment or counseling. We do however; partner with local vendors to provide substance abuse counseling.

Court costs are assigned by the courts and can include a variety of charges. Some of these charges include fines, restitution, KBI lab fees and court appointed attorney costs. Supervision fees help covers the costs associated with supervision, group incentives, drug testing, and transportation assistance for clients. Unpaid costs are sent to collection.

Payments are accepted by money order only. Online payments, debit cards, credit cards, cash and personal checks are not allowed at this time. Supervision fees are a separate expense and are not included in any court fines or restitution that you may owe.

You should always try to make contact with your ISO before the scheduled appointment time. Contact efforts made after the scheduled appointment time may lead to a violation status. If you are unable to contact your ISO before the scheduled appointment time, make contact as soon as possible. Reporting forms and voicemail are always available for client use.

Leave a message with your name and return phone number and a brief message about what you need. Calling in is not considered reporting as directed. If you cannot reach your ISO by phone you should report to the office as soon as possible.

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