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Independence, KS 67301


Independence, KS 67301

Roads and Bridges

The Road & Bridge Department is responsible for over 1,100 miles of local roads in the unincorporated areas of Montgomery County. The maintenance of these roads involves an array of tasks, including grading gravel roads, executing repairs or sealing damaged paved roads, replacing or setting up road signs, and trimming trees and grass surrounding roadways to keep them clear. Not just during the summer, but even throughout harsh winters, the Public Works department is on the go – dispatching road crews that salt and treat roads to keep them safe and accessible for the public. Their contribution makes a significant impact on roadway safety in Montgomery County.

As a vital transportation hub, Montgomery County relies on a vast network of bridges and culverts to keep people and commerce flowing. The county’s 250 bridges and over 3,000 drainage culverts require diligent upkeep to remain safe and functional. That’s where the Special Bridge Department comes in. Their maintenance crews tackle erosion control, deck repairs, log jam removal, and a host of other critical tasks to keep these structures in good working order. Though their work may go unnoticed by commuters crossing sturdy bridges each day, the department’s efforts are crucial in keeping Montgomery County connected and on the move.

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