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Independence, KS 67301

Dust Inhibitor Program

The Public Works Department will continue to coordinate a user paid dust inhibitor program to reduce the amount of road dust in front of rural homes. Counties are NOT required to provide dust inhibitor on roads in Kansas. The magnesium chloride (Dust Gard) will be applied to the existing alignment and will only be valid for a period of one season. In May or June, the dust inhibitor will be applied to an 18-foot-wide strip of rock road in front of eligible houses. This application for treatment shall be a minimum of 300 feet in length for any owner or tenant requesting the dust inhibitor.

Montgomery County uses magnesium chloride (Dust Gard) as a liquid or with a polymer added to reduce the mobility of the magnesium chloride in the soil. The liquid compound is sprayed on the road surface and is allowed to penetrate to a depth of approximately 3 inches. The major chemical property of the material is such that it attaches to moisture which stabilizes the aggregate road surface. Each new introduction of additional moisture in the form of high humidity or rainfall reconstitutes the material and re-binds the aggregate. The road will continue to be maintained as a gravel road and there may be some occasions that require the road to be bladed in order to remove potholes, washboards, etc. that can form after the application of the Dust Gard. Anyone who purchases Dust Gard treatment understands there are no guarantees as to the effectiveness of the product and agrees to hold harmless Montgomery County for failure of this product.

Prior to the Dust Gard being sprayed on the road, the County will prep the road. When the Dust Gard is sprayed on the road, it usually takes one to two hours for the liquid material to soak into the road. Due to a large number of requests for Dust Gard to be applied, the County will not be able to erect barricades or large warning signs. Drivers may see darkened and moistened areas and should use caution driving through since the Dust Gard may splatter onto vehicles, which can easily be removed with water. The County will NOT pay for cleaning vehicles.

Any rural road in Montgomery County, outside of an incorporated area, is eligible for treatment.

Anyone wishing to have Dust Gard placed in front of their residence should fill out the following form and return it to the Montgomery County Public Works Department at PO Box 663, Independence, Kansas, 67301. Each application request must be accompanied by a check made out to Montgomery County Public Works.

Application is available from April to July.

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