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Independence, KS 67301

Intensive Supervision Probation

How many hours of community service work has to be done and where?

There is a minimum of twenty hours of community service work to be completed while on ISP. Clients are required to complete those hours at a non-profit organization and provide verification to their supervising Officer.

Are there any costs involved in ISP?

Although Intensive Supervision itself is of no cost, there are costs related to probation. The Court assesses certain costs dependent upon the individual situation. Court costs, attorney’s fees, restitution, fines, and supervision fees can be ordered. Court costs need to be paid at the courthouse. Also, if House Arrest is utilized while on ISP, a fee may be involved.


When applying for a job, does the employer have to know about probation?

Yes, Officers will make contact with employers to verify employment and status.


Is travel outside Kansas permitted while on ISP?

Yes, travel is permitted in most circumstances. A travel permit will need to be completed which provides the client with written authorization to be out of the area. If the client is in violation status travel may be denied.

What services are available for offenders while on ISP?

There are numerous services available. Dependent upon the individual.

How long is ISP?

ISP is typically a nine to twelve month program. There are instances in which the Judge may order the client to be on for a longer period of time and sometimes even a shorter period of time. There is an opportunity for clients to be released early contingent upon successful completion of all court obligations. 

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