217 E Myrtle St

Independence, KS 67301


Independence, KS 67301

Neighborhood Revitalization Incentive

The Revitalization Plan aims to enrich and enhance the growth and development of Montgomery County through various means. With an objective to uplift the living standards of the residents of the County, the plan encourages new constructions and revitalizes existing ones. The plan also aims at conserving and redeveloping the area to provide a safe and healthy environment for the residents, safeguarding their health, safety, and welfare. Through its compelling incentives, including tax rebates, the plan seeks to create a more conducive environment for investments in the County. Through the Revitalization Plan, the County anticipates a significant transformation in the physical and socio-economic landscape, leading to a surge in economic activity, creating new job opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for residents through safer, healthier, and more accessible living spaces.

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