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Independence, KS 67301

The Montgomery County Attorney’s Office will not disperse legal advice to any potential diversion applicant. 

If a potential diversion applicant needs legal advice regarding his or her case, the applicant should contact an attorney. Additionally, if an adult Defendant wants to participate in the Diversion program without an attorney and must serve any jail time, the Defendant must sign a waiver of counsel form.

Any applicant who is under the age of eighteen (18) is required to have an attorney throughout the diversion application process.

Diversions - Fees & Applications

Diversion Fees if Approved (based upon a single count of the highest offense level charged/diverted):

  • $100.00 – Application Fee
  • $200.00 – Supervision Fee for Community Corrections 
  • $300.00 – Diversion Fee

Additional Diversion Costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fines as mandated by State of Kansas
  • Fingerprinting Bond Supervision Urinalysis Testing
  • Lab Fees (including KBI Lab Fees)
  • Witness Fees Transportation Costs
  • Court Appointed Attorney’s Fees Restitution

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