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Independence, KS 67301


Independence, KS 67301

Local Ad Valorem Tax Reduction (LAVTR)

The Local Ad Valorem Tax Reduction (LAVTR) Fund provides that a portion of the sales tax dollars collected by the State of Kansas are supposed to be shared with city and county governments. The funds are applied to lowering property tax levies, which was cancelled in 2003, provided dollar for dollar reductions in your property tax bill. In 2023, the house is debating the budget and with that debate, several amendments have been offered.  The House Minority Leader passed, with a vote of 83 to 40, an amendment that would offer LAVTR to local governments. However, the House Majority leadership didn’t support the amendment so there was no movement in the Senate to move LAVTR forward. 

Remember the purpose of LAVTR is not to fund local government but to offset your property taxes. We need your support to get this amendment moving forward for our county!