Job Description

This is a general public health nursing position with work involving direct nursing services for clients in open and satellite clinics. Duties include immunications, WIC, STD, Disease investigation, child health and adult health nursing programs. Work includes planning for and carrying out public health nursing programs and coordinating these programs with related services.

Work is performed with latitude for professional independence and accordance with established Agency policies and procedures under general direction of the Nurse Administrator and reviewed through reports for results achieved.

Duties and Responsibilities: Essential Job Functions

  • Evaluates each client’s immunization status and determines appropriate action based on written protocols.
  • Responsible for obtaining laboratory specimens for the screening and/or the diagnoses of communicable diseases.
  • Provides screenings for hypertension, diabetes, anemia, and urinalysis and determines appropriate action based on referral criteria.
  • Provides health education regarding communicable disease, family planning methods, and sexually transmitted diseases to parents, children and the general public.
  • Provides Physical Assessments including vision, hearing, ASQ-3 AND ASQ: SE-2 screenings, and laboratory tests with appropriate referrals and follow-up. Counsels the client and family in meeting health needs including health promotions, nutrition, and chronic health needs.
  • Complete WIC training modules and attend new employee training for the WIC program.
  • Complete nursing assessment and assign food packages.
  • Perform duties related to Health Department programs to full fill grant requirements.


  • Moderate supervision is provided by the Nurse Administrator ( or the Nursing Supervisor depending on the agency organization). Employee may have supervisory responsibility over subordinate personnel.

Personal Relations/Contacts:

  • Occasional contact with other county departments and health agencies, but continual contact with the general public.

Consequences of Action and Decisions:

  • Problem Solving – Moderate problem solving is a factor in this position as the employee works under agency standards and written protocols with supervision as needed.
  • Decision Making – Moderate decision-making is a factor in this position. Decisions include determining when to refer clients to other health care providers and determining how to coordinate clinic functions with other agency activities.
  • Accountability – Employee is responsible for the general functioning and organization of the clinic operation and specifically for the appropriate nursing care, referral, and follow-up of individual clients.

Working Conditions:

  • Environmental Conditions – The work environment involves moderate hazards, risks, or discomforts. Exposure to communicable diseases requires Infection control measures. Minor to moderate injuries are possible from immunization and specimen collection procedures.
  • Physical Demands-This work requires moderate physical exertion and the employee is generally confined to a work area. Possible adverse working conditions exist in this position including the lifting of clients and equipment. Subject to fluctuation volumes of people seeking services.
  • Special Job Demands – Maintain current Assessment Certification, which includes Vision, Hearing, and ASQ-3 AND ASQ:SE-2 Certifications. Maintain current CPR Certification. Ability to work with clients of all ages including children. Ability to work with non-English speaking persons. Subject to coming into contact with irate/difficult persons.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • KNOWLEDGE – Knowledge of professional nursing principles and practices, public health nursing theory and practice of their application. Comprehensive knowledge of public health related issues.
  • ABILITIES – Ability to provide skilled nursing care based on scientific principles, basic behavioral concepts, and intelligent professional judgment. Ability to manage a well-functioning clinic operation and to provide assessment and nursing care to individual clients.
  • SKILLS – Able to administer injections and treatments and to perform screening tests utilizing the correct procedures and the correct use of equipment. Good interpersonal, oral and written communications skills.
  • EXPERIENCE and EDUCATION – Graduate from and accredited nursing school with at least one year of experience in public health nursing. Must complete ICS training within six months of hire and pass required testing. Be familiar with Emergency Preparation roll within the Health Department.
  • Currently registered in the State of Kansas or have a temporary permit to practice issued by the Kansas State Board of Nursing.