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Montgomery County Environmental & Zoning

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The Montgomery County Environmental Health/Zoning Department was adopted as an independent agency in 1997 with the scope and purpose to fulfill assigned duties of enforcing local environmental regulations, land usage and development codes, and to serve as a source of technical assistance and education to the citizens inquiring about related matters.

Local regulatory codes and regulations associated with the department’s assigned duties include the Montgomery County Sanitary Code, Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, and Joint Subdivision Regulations. The department also provides for a local assistance to other agency’s enforcement of statutory law and administrative regulations associated with environmental related issues.

The Montgomery County Environmental Health/Zoning Department serves as liaison for the local county planning commission, subdivision commissions, and Board of Zoning Appeals to the Board of County Commissioners.

Membership to the following associations include the Kansas Environmental Health Association, (formerly Kansas Association of Sanitarians), Kansas Small Flows Association, Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams (KAWS), and the Montgomery County Solid Waste Committee.