Kansas Voter View provides registration information, address confirmation, party association, mail-in ballot status, polling locations, and sample ballots.

Voter Information

Register to Vote

First Time Voters

In order to register to vote:

You will have reached the age of 18 years before the next election

You have received final discharge from imprisonment, parole, or conditional release if convicted of a felony

You have changed your name or address 

If you are voting for the first time in this county, and do not provide an identification number, you must complete on of the following options.

Either send a copy of a current, valid photo ID along with your application,

Or send a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that shows your name and address. 

If this information is not provided, your application may be rejected.

How to Register to Vote

First – Return your completed application to your county.  Addresses are on the back of the application which can be obtained at the Election Office, voter registration sites, area city halls and public libraries and the Secretary of State’s Official Web site at the button below.

What happens next:

  • Your county election officer will mail you a notice when your application has been processed.
  • Postmark this application by the 20th day before an election in order to be eligible to vote in that election.
  • If you decline to register to vote, that fact will remain confidential and will be used for voter registration purposes only.  If you do register to vote, the office where you apply will be kept confidential and will be used for voter registration purposes only.
  • If this form is incomplete, it may be rejected.

Once you have registered, your registration remains valid unless one of the following occurs:

  • Voter changes his/her name by marriage, divorce or a legal proceeding.
  • Voter changes residence by moving.

The voter registration books are closed 20 days prior to each election and reopen the day following an election.  A voter may declare a party affiliation at the time of registration or may choose to remain unaffiliated.  A voter who is unaffiliated may sign a declaration to affiliate at the polls during a primary election.  An affiliated voter may not change their party affiliation from July 1st thru September 1st.

All campaign signs within 250’ of polling locations must be removed before Election Day.

For further information contact the Montgomery County Clerk’s Office, (620) 330-1200 or the Office of the Secretary of State, 1-800-262-VOTE (8683) V/TTY. 

Voting Leave Allowance – 2022 Kansas Statutes

25-418. Leave allowance for employees to vote; obstruction of voting privilege, penalty. Any person entitled to vote at an election conducted by a county election officer in this state shall, on the day of such election, be entitled to absent himself from any service or employment in which he is then engaged or employed for a period of not to exceed two (2) consecutive hours between the time of opening and closing of polls: Provided, That if the polls are open before commencing work or after terminating work but the period of time the polls are so open is less than two (2) consecutive hours, he shall only be entitled to absent himself from such service or employment for such a period of time which, when added to the period of time the polls are so open, will not exceed two hours; and such voter shall not because of so absenting himself be liable to any penalty, nor shall deductions be made, on account of such absence, from his usual salary or wages.

The employer may specify the particular time during the day which said employee may absent himself as aforesaid except such specified time shall not include any time during the regular lunch period.

Obstruction of voting privilege is (a) intentionally obstructing an employee in his or her exercise of voting privilege or (b) imposing a penalty upon an employee exercising his or her voting privilege under this section.

Obstruction of voting privilege is a class A misdemeanor.

History: L. 1893, ch. 78, § 24; L. 1897, ch. 129, § 24; R.S. 1923, 25-418; L. 1959, ch. 175, § 1; L. 1974, ch. 157, § 2; July 1.