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Montgomery County Appraiser – Melody Kikkert

What we do

The Appraiser’s Office is responsible for the valuation of real and personal property in Montgomery County. We value residential property using mass appraisal, meaning, we use sales of residential properties to calculate values for other residential properties.

Notices of value are mailed each year on March 1 for real property. The appeal process is with the County Appraiser. The value of your property is discussed during the hearing.

Personal Property Renditions are mailed in January and due back in our office, signed and dated, by March 15th. Personal Property Notices of value are mailed by May 1. It is the responsibility of the owner of personal property to report to our office.

Oil and Gas renditions are mailed in January and are due back to our office by April 1. For questions, contact Linda at 620-330-1050.

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