This is a skilled professional position that includes supervisory and administrative duties.  The work involves coordination, development and expansion of health services within the County.  Professional consultation is available from Kansas Department of Health and Environment and from the County Medical Advisor.  The Administrator is directly responsible to the Board of Health composed of the Montgomery County Commissioners.  Responsible for grant applications, reporting and support documentation for grant programs.


  • Participates in planning for development, maintenance, and expansion of community health services. Provides cooperative and consultative services to other allied agencies in the County to enhance a better community health program.
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure an economical, efficient, safe and compassionate delivery of community health services to the general population. Ensures confidentiality and compliance with applicable policies and regulations of the State and County.
  • Exercises statutory responsibility to prevent and control communicable diseases and other factors that may be harmful to the health of the population.
  • Manage resources needed to provide community health services. Obtains funding through grant applications.  Prepares annual budget to be presented.  Signs vouchers.  Monitors income and expenses to ensure compliance with budget.  Ensures prompt reporting to grant sources and other agencies. Identifies needs for equipment and supplies.
  • Selects, orients, trains and disciplines staff. Conduct staff meetings.  Ensures policies and procedures are followed.
  • Co-ordinate with the nursing staff the general community health services such as:

Immunizations, communicable disease screening, public health education and other related services.

  • Manage business office and assigns work responsibility to other office personnel.
  • Maintains and keeps licensures and contracts updated,
  • Experience with computer programs and troubleshooting skills.
  • Oversee accounting procedures necessary for cost reports and budgets required for grant applications and reporting.
  • Purchase office and nursing supplies, as needed.
  • Ensures office equipment is working and in good repair.
  • Participates in educational conferences and workshops to improve skills and knowledge base.

This position may require additional responsibilities.


  • Requires good public relations, administrative, supervisory, and communication skills.
  • Nursing experience preferred.
  • Minimum high school diploma.
  • Must have a valid Kansas driver’s license, and travel as the job requires.
  • Ability to work with and maintain a good relationship with staff and the public.